About The Artist

Nicholas David Anderson (b. 1979) is a classically trained realist artist, illustrator and instructor currently based in Norfolk, England. He has previously taught for several years at the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art and he continues to produce personal work for private sale.

Inspired by the work produced by the ARC-accredited Academy of Realist Art he began a long, arduous but thoroughly informative journey through the modern atelier system (based itself upon the schools of the 19th Century French Academies). Combined with his love for Canada, he travelled, studied, and is now a Graduate of that school. Upon his return to the United Kingdom, he was pleased to join Ewan McNaughton of the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art and assist in the teaching of a new generation of advocates for the realist representational style of painting and drawing.

He has also been deeply privileged to meet and learn from such notable and distinguished artists as Juliette Aristides (whose seminal books "Classical Drawing Atelier" and "Classical Painting Atelier" form the primary introduction for many people into the world of classical art teaching), Joshua LaRock, Susan Lyons and Scott Burdick.

His passion is not simply for the creation and teaching of painting, but understanding the importance of good practice in painting. This naturally involves a zeal for knowledge regarding the Old Masters, who have left us not simply beautiful paintings, but clear examples of good practice. For those Masters whose work has sadly not stood the test of time, we have important lessons to help prevent these issues for future works. Sadly much of this knowledge is no longer being taught, and many contemporary artworks are being commissioned with unsound method, destined for oblivion in short time.